Things we fight over...

The Colorado Contract to Purchase is currently 10 pages long (467 lines). As foreboding is it may appear, there are truly only a few things that we actually “fight” about.

Assuming all things are normal, the typical buyer/seller negotiates on

  1. Price
  2. Terms
  3. Possession Date
  4. Personal Property
  5. Inspection Items

That’s it!

The whole contract is really broken down into the 5 issues above. So when planning you home purchase strategy, it’s important to consider the above items, thinking about your plan “a” or “b”.

Prioritize what is most important to you. Is it time or money?

Let’s say you are in a situation where it doesn’t matter how soon you close. You have the freedom to wait an extra 30 to 90 days. Now let’s assume in the same situation, the seller has a home being built. He would really prefer to move only once. He would prefer to let you have a lower price on the purchase of his home and wait an extra amount of time.

A scenario like this is a perfect example of giving up something that doesn’t mean much to you (time) to gain something of greater value (money).

Not all transactions are as simple and straightforward as this example. Usually it takes some discussion and strategy to achieve a good contract.

The Berkshire Group will help you to negotiate with the seller. Our knowledge of your needs will help you get the best home deal available.